Irving Texas Timeline And Facts

Irving is still regarded as a somewhat youthful city that forms a portion of the Fort Worth / Dallas, which is the home to over 200,000 residents. This city was once known as Gorbit, before it changed its name to Kit, before Irving was founded in the year 1903 by Otto Schukze and Otis Brown. For this reason, the history associated with this city is short, yet still fascinating nonetheless.

The Earlier Years

Growth was somewhat sluggish in the earliest years, although the settlements had already established their 1st public schools by the year 1909 and had since grown to accommodate over 300 residents by the year 1925. In the 1920%u2019s this city experienced an introduction of fire services, running water and electricity, yet their economy still mainly relied on the cotton trade and agriculture. This changed in the 1930s, as the area established a highly successful manufacturing-industry.

The Arrival Of The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Built in 1969, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is located partly in Irving. This airport was finally completed in the year 1973, and later commemorated by Concorde Landing, the very 1st landing of this kind in the US. By 1974, the airport was fully operational, and has expanded to include 5 terminals with a total of over 150 gates.

Las Colinas

Las Colinas is one of the upmarket developments in suburbs that are located close to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It holds its own important place when it comes to the history of Irving since it was classified as one of the 1st planned communities of this type in the U.S. The developments started in 1972, and construction speeded up in the 1980s boom. During this time, many multinationals that included Kimberley-Clark and Exxon Mobil had set up their offices in Las Colinas. Debt managed to drive out a few of these corporations, yet many still remain, in association to this district’s 1st-class location close to the airport.

Flight 191

Perhaps the blackest days in the history of Irving, occurred in 1985 on the 2nd August when the Delta Air Lines “Flight 191” crashed when it tried to land at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The total number of fatalities included 137 people, including a man that was driving his car along the Sate Highway 114, when the plane came crashing down. There is still a memorial dedicated to this accident at the Founder’s Plaza.